To view more on detailed level. Check out my Git repos.

Oyna - the mirror bot


Oyna is a smart mirror powered by the Raspberry Pi. It is voice controlled. You can also talk/chat with it from Oyna Android application. It has face recognition unlock system. It can control lights. Displays Weather, News, TV show and Stock Market updates. Plays music, videos. Shows map. It can even do a bit of Small talk.

Asimo - an Animated Short


Tells the story of a Robot, Asimo created by Honda, trying to find a job and gives up hope. E-Mag, a female robot that looks at sad Asimo and restores his hope. The main character is inspired from the Asimo Robot by Honda.

Cryptle - Pebble Watchapp

Intro | Github

A Pebble smart watch app that helps people to secure their devices, send SOS alerts, share their locations and send speech to text messages.

Weather based Home Automation System


Arduino based Home Automation System where fan speed is controlled by weather conditions outside the house and temperature in the house and light brightness by on current light intensity of room and time of the day. Also an Android application to give user override control.

AP Vehicle - Android Application


Search any Andhra Pradesh / Telangana State Vehicle with Registration Number to get the details. Enter Vehicle Registration number and get details of the Vehicle. Save the details to device. Share the details to others. New Feature: Uses camera to detect text on number plates and get information on click

Toastmasters Timer - Android Application


TM Timer is an app developed specially for the Timer Role in Toastmaster Club. Enter Speaker name and Type of his Speech. Changes background colors based on the specified minimum and maximum time. Store the details of the all sessions. Email option is available to Mail the meeting's speaker list and their respective time of speech.

DreamWorks Animation - Challenge 2016

Demo | Github

DreamWorks Animation Effects Challenge on HackerEarth 2016. Use coding ability to create sparks. Basic natural motion of sparks. Collision with ground plane. Sparks split randomly post collision. Collision with primitive shapes Collision with the Stanford Bunny